Zoë Harvey

Arachnid Care Specialist


Where am I Now?
Digital Marketing Specialist & Writer, Twin Cities Metro Area

B.S. in Technical Writing & Communication, with a minor in Entomology, University of Minnesota (2017)

Contact Information
Email: harve362 [at] umn.edu


About Me:

Hometown: Shakopee, MN

I graduated in 2017 as a technical writing undergraduate student minoring in entomology. My favorite bugs are moths, bees, velvet worms, and jumping spiders. If you meet me while I’m in the lab don’t worry if I look petrified, it’s all part of the job. I’m from a small town in Minnesota and enjoy the outdoors, reading, bee-keeping, and traveling. As a student, I was involved in this spider lab and also as a student administrator in the Department of Writing Studies here at the U. After graduation, I began work as a digitial marketing specialist and writer here in the Twin Cities. 



Zoë Harvey